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The WolfMoon brings in the new year for the pack and along with it warmer temperatures, at least for a short while. The snows have begun to melt for now but if it freezes again, the pack will find itself on an ice rink.

Pack Meeting
Lore Night

Date:  Pack meeting was held 12/1/17. Rook, Fianna and Nashanti have pledged to the WolfSpirits.
Hunt to be held 7pm PST on 12/2/17.
Check Discord for updates and info!
Quest has begun: You will kill for the Morrigan or be killed by the Morrigan. Eight beasts must be killed for the pack to survive. 

December and Current / Upcoming Events

Wolves come and go as have the winter storms. Some returning  along with new visitors.
If you’re new to WolfSpirits, come on in to the IRC chat and say hello! We’d love to meet you and if you find you like the RP, request to join the Pack!

about wolfspirits

There is a lot to be said for a pack to last beyond the ages. Beyond that of their ancestors, those who could have never imagined its greatness or failure. To have a leader ready at the helm, to take charge and guide their family to unimaginable heights and journeys. A pack, long thought to be extinct many ages ago, still thrives by the blood that persists to beat within that great leader of its time. A leader that has the undying loyalty and love to carry on a name that has done so much in its past. But what of the future? The packs history laden with great stories of adventure, death and rebirth. This is one of those stories. The canvas of nature is spread as far as the eye can see and invites all wary travelers lone or not to come and tred within the territory of a Legendary pack. What adventure do you seek? What will you find? Family? Hope? Renewal of spirit? Is this your calling? Perhaps you will find it here, perhaps not. May you find peace from the past and solace for the future, for it is such a paradise rarely found anywhere else. Only the chosen may remain. Perhaps your calling will take you home. We welcome all for we do not divide.. but rather we unite. In Spirit, we are free.

WolfSpirits is a free form Wolf RPG based on the interactive chat client, mIRC ( IRC ). We are not forum based, but rather, our role play is instantly interactive through a ‘chat’ system.

You can find us on the server: | Channels: #WolfSpirits & #WS_OOC

Current Weather: Winter is here

Shukie Becomes Pack Beta

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August 31st, 2018 We are honored to announce that Shukie has been promoted to WolfSpirits pack Beta!  

Pack Meeting #191

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Pack Meeting #191 Thank you everyone who attended our pack meeting!  Meeting Notes Date: December 1st, 2017 You Will Kill for the Morrigan …  Or You Will Die by the…

Profile Pages Bugged

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After the website was updated after a loss there's been some kinks here and there. One of them seems to be that you can view profiles but when you attempt...

Pack Meeting #189

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Pack Meeting #189 Thank you everyone who attended our pack meeting!  Meeting Notes Date: September 15th, 2017 Meeting had to start a little early due to Alpha’s IRL schedule Kwa`Ani…

Latest Wolf News

Over $24,000 Reward For Alpha Wolf Shooter

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Over $24,00 Reward For The Shooter of The Alpha Female Of the Canyon Pack Yellowstone National Park and several conservation groups are offering a substantial reward for information on the…

Oregon Wolf Recovery

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Is The Recovery Going Slow? The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) recently completed its 2016 wolf count with surprising results. Last year, wildlife biologists confirmed 110 wolves within…

Alpha Female Of Canyon Pack Dies

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12 Year Old Alpha Female From The Canyon Pack Found Severely Injured The well-recognized white alpha female wolf that led Yellowstone’s Canyon pack for nearly a decade was found severely…

Elk Tracking Progress


Dall Sheep


Wolverine Sightings


Black Bear Sightings


Storyline Progression


The Quest continues into the new year. Thus far the pack has defeated 2 of the 8 beasts.
The instruction for the quest had been given to the Faolan, Atraya and Shukie. They had in turn passed on the news to the pack and began preparations for success in the quest of Lai Fail or death.
The mists and fog had rolled back from the northlands. The eight beasts could be in any form. The pack would need to be on its guard at all times.

role play
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  • Channel: #WolfSpirits & #WS_OOC

WolfSpirits is a free form RPG based on instantaneous messages through mIRC. We’re not forum based like other RPG’s.

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You can also go directly to and click the ‘chat now’ link and log in. You’ll need to enter your nickname you want to use and #WS_OOC which will auto join you to our channel. See ya soon!!!