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There is a lot to be said for a pack to last beyond the ages. Beyond that of their ancestors, those who could have never imagined its greatness or failure. To have a leader ready at the helm, to take charge and guide their family to unimaginable heights and journeys. A pack, long thought to be extinct many ages ago, still thrives by the blood that persists to beat within that great leader of its time. A leader that has the undying loyalty and love to carry on a name that has done so much in its past. But what of the future? The packs history laden with great stories of adventure, death and rebirth. This is one of those stories. The canvas of nature is spread as far as the eye can see and invites all wary travelers lone or not to come and tred within the territory of a Legendary pack. What adventure do you seek? What will you find? Family? Hope? Renewal of spirit? Is this your calling? Perhaps you will find it here, perhaps not. May you find peace from the past and solace for the future, for it is such a paradise rarely found anywhere else. Only the chosen may remain. Perhaps your calling will take you home. We welcome all for we do not divide.. but rather we unite. In Spirit, we are free.

WolfSpirits is a free form Wolf RPG based on the interactive chat client, mIRC ( IRC ). We are not forum based, but rather, our role play is instantly interactive through a ‘chat’ system.

You can find us on the server: | Channels: #WolfSpirits & #WS_OOC

Current Weather: Early Spring

Season: Breeding

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wolf chases coyote

Coyote Chased Out

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Lately the pack has experienced intruders wandering in and out of the hunting grounds. Today Ayaka, Shukie and the Alpha’s pups chased off a coyote from the hunting grounds. Only...

Pack Meeting #183

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Pack Meeting #183 Thank you everyone who attended our pack meeting! We had a few exciting events happen including naming Shukie the new Delta to the pack and Ayaka as…

The Pack Hunts An Elk

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Successful Hunt! After three days of scouting, tracking and injuring an elk, the pack successfully took the Elk down Saturday evening! It was with the combined efforts of Atraya, Ayaka,…

Wolfspirits 15 Year Anniversary

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WolfSpirits 15 Year Anniversary Celebration Thank you to all who showed up to our anniversary and celebrated with us! There was much to share. Below you will find the log…

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Something to the north stirrs with the promise of something to transpire soon involving all the members of WolfSpirits. Along with an odd mist and fog that’s appeared to the north, beyond the territory, there have also been several sightings of Coyotes and Bears predating on the left over food that is caught by the pack.

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WolfSpirits is a free form RPG based on instantaneous messages through mIRC. We’re not forum based like other RPG’s.

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