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Pack Meeting #191

Thank you everyone who attended our pack meeting!

 Meeting Notes

  • Date: December 1st, 2017
  • You Will Kill for the Morrigan …  Or You Will Die by the Morrigan
  • Advancements: Fianna, Rook and Nishanti requests to join the pack



@ApacheWolf @Atraya @Ayaka @Faolan @Kova @Kuroi @Larka @Shukie @Skydancer
Fianna, Rook, Nishanti,  Eureka, Snowy


Pack Meeting Log Begins

[20:36] <Faolan> /me waited for his voice to carry the call before he lowered his muzzle and watched for those that entered the clearing, including his son and daughters. It was a few moments after their entrance that he looked to the tree line and his mate’s entrance.
[20:36] <Faolan> (eh, we’ll leave it at that)
[20:39] <Faolan>  RꙭK  quickly made his way over to papa and the others at the rock to see what all the hubub was about, bub. Did he see the other half of the bearstone alliance?? Was awesomeness about to be united???
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[20:41] * Atraya seeing her mate nor Shukie around she would start off to the clearing but it would be the call of a howl that drew her attention and knew well it’s voice and owner. Promptly propelling her paws forward she made her way towards the gathering place for the others with more haste as she started off at a smooth lope. It took no time at all for her to reach the clearing and once there she started towards the alpha’s rock.
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[20:42] * Kova an ear flicked to the sound of a call and tone of voice to gather. She rose her head even higher now as she would look towards that of her sister, Shukie, and she offered a warm chuff to her in greeting. She also was aware of Ayaka’s presence and now the alpha’s. Excellent. She picked the dead bird up (If Ayaka didn’t have it) and started off towards the rock as well. There was much to discuss.
[20:43] * Ayaka , fully roused at Faolan’s call, was on her feet quickly, taking stock of all the wolves which flocked into the clearing, both alpha’s, the alpha pups, and the delta among them. Her hues glinted as she bent to retrieve the pendant in her maw and slowly made her way toward Atraya and Faolan, hoping to quickly update them before the meeting which seemed to be gathering. She gazed towars Kova and chuffed to the faeas they both converged on the same spot. Kova had the dead carcass in her maw, Aya had the feather, which was not a feather
[20:45] * Skydancer flicks her ears a bit as she spots both ayaka and kova carrying something in their muzzle. and it isn’ t food either. tenxsing up a bit   she  closes her muzzle  while watching their  approach.
[20:46] * Fianna bounded into the open clearing, her stick clenched tight and hues excited. There were lots of woofs around today! Who sounded the dinner gong? She even saw mama and papa! And the stone part of the alliance! And lemony pledge Kwa! She howled in glee and pranced toward the rock, the beacon of hope and all things woofie
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[20:48] * Kwa`ani wondered if she’d get to be one of those assessy thingies she’d seen others be called. That kinda stuffers seemed to happen at gatherings. SHe perked, tail wagging wildly when she now spotted her mumzie too giving her a happy yip in greetings spotting her siblings yipped to Rook and Fianna. She still didn’t know what happened to her sister Nalani
[20:53] * Nishanti had been in the clearing when she heard faolans call. curious she would stand up and pad towards the alpha rock.
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[20:54] <Faolan>  We open this meeting with news and words…Not long ago I spoke of the need for discernable action and now I invoke the same words.  He paused a moment in recollection as he looked to each of his kin, passing a gentle gaze between his daughters and his son.  There comes a time when who you were no longer defines who you are now. Events that transpire around us shape us. Our successes and failures temper our character and prepare us for such chances that lie ahead; for future success or for dealing with future failure. They are, however, not what defines who we are presently. They are memories that remind us of who we ought to be in the moments that continually pass us by. To revel in the past while idling in the present is to slack in taking hold of the potential future. To live in what has been is to become what has been a living memory.  His voice grow a little more stern as he continued  Legend does not answer what death asks of us all. Legend is the story of how those in the past answered. Why should you live? Why should you thrive? Death culls the worthy from those who are not. It has asked its question in the past and those of legend have answered. We are all questioned again. It is not an easy thing to describe, but we have been given death’s task. We have long secretly carried a burden given us from the north and now the north has come calling…We are to kill or be killed in the days ahead. We are to answer what death asks of all and inscribe upon the history of this pack our names.
[20:54] * Kova moved closer to the gathered and saw Ayaka among them and dipped her head, unable to really communicate with the bird in her jaws. She would hold it still and not let go of it just yet. Her hues fell to her alpha as he sat upon the throne of stone and she too seated herself. Her ears drew forward and she remained purely focused on what was offered.
[20:56] * Fianna first made her way to Kwa’ani, who seemed to be the first to greet her and yipped back from around the stick she carried. Closing the distance to the sissie she would drop the hazardous piece of wood and nuzzle Kwa’ani. The stick had bits and pieces sticking up and out, creating little stabbing devices, where she had been chewing. She had been about to speak, but papa beat her to it and she turned to sit, ears
[20:56] * Fianna perked in interest, eyes upon the rock. Her papa’s words were curious indeed and she kept silent as she pondered them, trying to wrestle the meaning free
[20:58] * Ayaka knew the time had come to await and see what unfolded, and what words her alpha’s jad to share. As such she settled beside Kova, setting the pendant by her paws and keeping an eye upon it, though her focus mostly remained on the words offered. Her head was up and ears perked in interest, and she evaluated the scents around her,  gleaning what stories there were to be told.
[20:59] <Faolan>  RꙭK  ‘s tail would wag heavily to the sight of his sisters, the goobers that they were. He was just about to bark at them when papa began yapping on about wise old-man stuff. He would nose at Fianna and Kwanzanini’s scruff before plopping down. Maybe he’d be a lemon pledge today?
[21:00] * Shukie continued to stand, silent as she listened to Faolan, the events of last night back in the forefront of her mind, nodding, ears flattened for the gravity of what was to come.
[21:00] * Atraya breaking through the treeline and towards the rock she would stop at it’s base for only a moment before leaping up and came to stand just besidea nd slightly behind Faolan. She would seat herself listening intently to his words and gave slow nods to each. Her mind whirling on what transpired the night prior but now… to the call they must answer. One that would see them dead or alive.
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[21:01] * Kwa`ani settled instantly at not only the story papa told but more so for his tones. Kill or be killed? Involuntarily she shook as that sunk in, head lowering slightly.
[21:01] * Skydancer ears flick then draw forward at the alpha’ s  speech her fur prickling slightly at his last words though she flattens her  ears and her lips twitching.  ‘then we’ ll take what comes our way. ” she states in a   firm voice  she for one  isn’ tr ready to   become anyones dinner yet.
[21:01] * Larka would hear the call of the alphas and would pad up to the rock and sit near the back as she pricked her ears forward and listened to the alphas
[21:02] * Kwa`ani + nosing Rook, who’d been with her and papa, momma and blabb..shukie for the stone. Was this all about that stone Shukie wouldn’t let her talk about before?
[21:03] * Fianna glanced to Kwa’ani’s posture, curious as to why she seemed… afraid? Fianna’s chest puffed out and she stood tall and proud. If it was kill or be killed, she’d kill, of course. And she knew she could be good at it too. Fierceness blossomed within her, though she understood not all that was said. She knew only that she wouls fight when needed, to save herself and her family. She would have howled out her fervor
[21:03] * Fianna of this, and nearly did, yet she didn’t want papa’s ire ro turn her way.
[21:06] * Ayaka considered Faolan’s words long, her thoughts pieces together what she could,  and adding the events of the previous night. Perhaps it made more sense now. Perhaps that attack had been only the beginning..
[21:08] * Kova an ear flicked but she kept alert and focused on the meeting. She would ponder well enough what Faolan had said and to the tasks that may lay ahead of them. Was this what the raven meant? She moved in a little more and continued to listen.
[21:09] * Faolan would not revisit so much history in one night, let alone the moments he was given. No, there would just have to be some mystery to unravel elsewhere for those who did not know. Still, justification had to be given.  We bear the mark of our ancestors and were tasked in the stewardship of this land.  He looked between those muzzled faces he had not seen in sometime, listened to the voices that offered question and blind assurance against, to them, an unknown foe. It was with the recollection of his lorenight story that he offered a light, solemn smile in his hues.  We have forgotten our names and the task given to us and are now in forfeit of our lives unless we kill for a creature called the Morrigan. Eight beasts of lore have been loosened upon our packlands…inconspicuous to all but those with a mark of their ancestor. We have two moons to rid our lands of them and supply a trophy of each kill.
[21:11] * Larka would listen to fao. this did not seem good news. she was not intranced wondering what they would do next
[21:12] <Faolan>  RꙭK  was immortal. He didn’t even know what death was besides the big nini that he made every scruffy lookin squirrel take. That wouldn’t happen to him though. He was awesome! That might happen to Nalani, because she seemed to be sleeping all the time…what a goober. He looked over to Kwa`ani and to Fianna to gauge their own reactions and saw some seriousness to their posture. Hmmmm. He recalled what papa spoke of…Dearmadta he called them. When papa said the crone’s name he chimed,  The crone of war! She’s nooooo good.
[21:12] * Nishanti flattened her ears. she had no idea what to do or how or where to find these beasts. as much as she patroled the territory she hadn’t come across one of these yet. she wondered what was gonna happen
[21:13] * Atraya her eyes cast long to those who would heed the call and no doubt was suprised by all the frames who would present themselves this evening. Where had they all come from? Where had the woods been hiding them? Regardless she looked to her mate and would feel the familiar warmth to her cheek where her own symbol lay dorment. She let loose a low breath in a thoughtfulness before she cast long tothe gathered and would gauge their reactions thusly. This would be a lot asked of them but they had to prove themselves worthy of their name.
[21:14] * Fianna leaned over to Rook with a quizzical look on her face and whispered, “does papa mean trophy’s like those flippy capes you take from the squirrels? I can do that.”
[21:14] * Kwa`ani leaned in, rubbing her shoulder to each of her siblings in turn, her eyes transfixed upon her father atop the stone. Whispering, ‘whats a crone?’ to her brother.
[21:16] * Shukie watched those in front of her abosrb the profered news and the tasks to be borne. Some might not survive. Even the yearlings seemed to be grasping the seriousness, tho it seemed to take Rook a bit.
21:16] * Fianna ‘s gaze shifted to Kwa’ani as her sis spoke too. “Probably related to those black feathery things.. crow’nes? It seems the same…”
[21:17] * Skydancer clicks her teeth slightly together at the extra informatiion. she’ d chew ‘ em up.. (sure, so long as they aren’ t bigger then a cayote..)    and the morrigan.. that seemed familiar some how. but where had she heard of such things.   well she can find them anyway  and then  if  they are too big fior her alone. she licks a chop  , slowly. crone  of war or no    ..  she has some ideas  already still she is  old and wise enough t0 nudge in greeting before taking her place her banner moving a bit as she becomes aware of rooks presence.
[21:21] * Faolan heard his son’s reaction and dipped his nose  The Great Queen…she is all things that embody death. We stand indebted to her and we will kill for the Morrigan or we will die for the Morrigan.  It felt burdensome to repeat the stag’s words, but it also felt right. He gauged the reaction of his kin before he finished with the offered news…  You must not take on these beasts alone. Their sole purpose is to either die or kill…just as ours is now until our chains are released or chewed from us. In this task, I ask that you be vigilant and call for the pack whenever one of these beasts appears.  He would fall silent and allow the rest of the meeting to take its course.
[21:24] <Faolan>  RꙭK  whispered back  Yeah, probably. ‘cept they don’t have flippy capes…maybe something cooler?
[21:25] <Faolan>  RꙭK  thanked skehjy for that awesome lead-in *cue awesome victory pose*
[21:25] * Atraya when her mate offered news from their own venture and the stag’s words she would dip her head to him and to the others who where present. There was much to think on and much to contemplate upon but it was important the pack knew of what lay on the horizon for them. She cleared her throat offering in turn these words “Heed this warning. Do not go at it alone.” she turned to Faolan for a moment then back to the others. “As we continue with the meeting, is there anyone here who wishes to pledge themselves to our pack and our cause?” she saw perhaps no new faces but those who have lingered for sometime. It was something she always offered during a meeting should one feel their heart true to that desire and path.
[21:26] * Skydancer wise enough to know she is just a of the whole and the smallest.
[21:26] * Kova her head dipped as Faolan would finish his words of what was to come for the pack. This bird, this omen, was it one of the beasts? Or was it simply a messenger who was taken down by two members present. She lowered the bird finally in between her paws before she waited to see if anyone desired to step forward and pledge themselves to the pack. She let loose a gentle breath as she licked her muzzle, freeing it from the taste of bird flesh.
[21:28] * Nishanti would stand up “i would like to repledge, ive had been gone for quite a while but i am back again to try once more.” she would say looking to the alphas as she stepped forwards
[21:28] * Shukie recalled back when she and Kova first arrived and the quest they had gone on with the pack though they were not even pledged to the pack. Again her obsidian eyes looked to each wolf present, her frame unmoving. As Atraya took over, her ears lifted from their prior flattened position against her skull.
[21:29] <Faolan>  RꙭK  was in the middle of his cool victory pose when he heard the call go out to be a lemon pledge. Surely, he’d done enough now to be recognized as one. So, he quickly rushed over to where Nishanti was and plopped down so mama could see how regal and citrusy he was.
[21:31] * Fianna picked her paws up and followed rook, seeing her chance. “I do mama!” She called, her brain struggling to process everything so quickly
[21:32] * Fianna moved to stand before the rock, shoulering next to Rook, and gave him a look. She couldn’t fall too far behind!
[21:33] * Kwa`ani watched the trio go forth, she’d not be the only pledgy now. Thats if her sibs were allowed.
[21:35] * Ayaka found her gaze move first to Kova, who settled the bird at her feet, possibly with much the same thoughts running through her own mind. The crow had said  much the same as Faolan had just shared. To kill or die. Then, her gaze was drawn by several of the pups and Nishanti going forth and she allowed her interest to be taken as she waited to see if they were pledged.
[21:35] * Atraya her hues fell towards a voice she recognized and it belonged Nishanti. She hadn’t seen the fae in sometime and would dip her head at her request. She looked to Faolan a moment then returned her gaze back to the fae. She would nod to her but then her gaze fell to her son Rook and her daughter Fianna. She rose curious brows but would not hold her breath much longer and spoke now to the trio. “As a member of WolfSpirits you first start your journey as a pledge. To see within your heart and soul if you truly belong here with us, as family and as pack. As one. Activity is key to seeing your place among us. Do you accept the responsbilities that come with being a pledge and being true to yourselves?” she looked between Fianna, Rook and Nishanti now.
[21:36] * Kova her hues fell to Rook, Fianna and now Nishanti whom offered their pledge. She swung her tail slowly before it stilled. her hues fell momentarily to the dead bird and to Ayaka’s trinket? She sniffed in it’s direction but turned back to the proceedings giving it her full attention.
[21:37] * Larka nodded “i do.” she had said that so much and she would force herself to have much activity. she didnt patrol the territory for nothing at least.
[21:38] <Faolan>  RꙭK  dipped his nose like papa did from time to time before standing tall of sorts.  I accept, mama. I will do what a lemon pledge must do!
[21:38] * Fianna cocked her head as she stood tall, full grown now, and head raised to look up at mama and papa. “I can be active! And I will kill and not be killed too.” She added defiantly to whatever beasties might be listening. “I am ready to learn more, and be a lemon pledge of pack!”
[21:43] * Shukie smiled at the yearlings professions in pledging giving a nod to them though it’d likely go unnoticed, her tail brushing against the earth. She would likely notice the bird her sister Kova had at her paws but not the feather Ayaka had for it was too dark. Perhaps that was the blood scent she’d caught earlier when she returned.
[21:44] * Kwa`ani ‘s tail wiggle waggled against the ground as her siblings both chimmed in answer to her mum’s question
[21:46] * Faolan would look between the trio and especially to Fianna and to Rook. Though this was just the beginning…the first step it was still a very big deal.  Committment starts right now. Be true to yourselves, but also to the pack. This is not lightly done and not lightly undone.
[21:48] * Atraya would listen to the words shared by those who desired to pledge ans she couldn’t help but offer a smile to those offered words. She gave a dip of her head before rising her paw up and speaking these words with a more feverished tone after Faolan’s own words where given.  ” As you have heard the words of your Alphas and your own pledges… from this day forward you my son and daughter Rook and Fianna you may introduce yourself as a pledge of WolfSpirits. Nishanti, from this day forward you may introduce yourself as a pledge once more to our pack.” she lowered her paw to stomp upon the stone.
[21:48] * Kova upon the reply of her alphess and the welcoming of three new pledges she would stomp her own paws lightly and let loose a few barking chuffs for Fianna, Rook, and Nishanti!
[21:49] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Nishanti
[21:49] * Nishanti smiled and dipped her head as she sat back down
[21:49] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Fianna
[21:49] <Faolan>  RꙭK  jumped up to all fours and did a little victory dance before regaining composure. Yessssss, he was a lemon pledge now! Wahooooowoooo!
[21:49] * Skydancer_ During a brief break in the activities she sniffs toward the dead bird already wondering if she can mange to stay awake long enough to question she who brought the bird. when the pledging happen though she quickly shifts her attention back it will have to wait.
[21:50] * Shukie stampered her own paws to the earth for the trio’s first steps. She would get with each and begin their teachings so that they would be ready to advance when the time came, much as she had with Kwa`ani.
[21:51] * Kwa`ani yips and yowled for her sibs and for Nishanti. “Now you like me! I senior lemony pledgy!” she tease when her siblings moved back again. Arrarrraruuuzooo
[21:52] * Fianna shifted her fervent gaze to that of her papa and nodded to him, her hues becoming more serious as well as proud as she then heard mama’s words. She couldn’t help the canine grin that slid over her face and she hopped up to bump shoulders with Rook. “The bearstone alliance is a lemon pledge now!” She said happily. Then looked to mama and papa again. “I won’t forget. I will do my part!” Then moved quickly back to plunk beside Kwa’ani, the pride still in her face. “Yes so you gots to teach us your tricks.”
[21:52] <Faolan>  RꙭK  would bound back towards Kwanzanini. He didn’t know what a Senor lemony pledgy was exactly, but it had a ring to it.  Hola, Senor!
[21:53] * Faolan would stamp his paw against the surface of the Alpha’s rock for the three named pledges. Time would tell if they would learn and be present enough to learn what a pledge must.
[21:53] * Atraya there would be a proudness about her for her children’s ascension that a mothers gaze could give. It would no doubt make her question her own mortality and positions for days to come. She’d wait for them to calm down some before she looked out to the rest. “If no one else has anything else they desire to add, I would like to conclude tonight’s meeting.” the hour was growing late and there was much to do and much to prepare for.
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[21:54] <ApacheWolf> Welcome Home Hutch, WolfSpirits Visitor, Court to Nishanti
[21:55] * Ayaka lifted her muzzle and gave a yip for those names pledge! She was glad the pups had taken the next step, interested to see where their path would take them. Then, she turned her head back to Atraya, then glanced to Kova. “Shall we wait till after the meeting? Or offer our report now?” She wasn’t sure which was better, but generally preferred to be a bit less conspicuous.
[21:56] * Kova when the meeting would be called to it’s end she would stomp her paw lightly to the earth before offering in turn towards the bird, calling to the alpha’s. She nosed Ayaka and whispered “let us tell them now” she then took a step forward, nudging the dead raven forward. It’s limp body twisting about before stilling once more. “My alpha’s… last night Ayaka and I apprehended this aiven. He flew into the territory last night and proclaimed these words….. “Kill. Death.” Then proceeded to attack us.” she dipped her head and nosed the carcass towards them. “This is what is left of our foe…”  she would pause allowing Ayaka to offer her own words as well.
[21:57] * Kwa`ani gave rook and fianna each a slobbery lick upon their cheek fur. “Welcome to the pledgy team!”
[21:58] <Faolan>  RꙭK  would think of a new team name…  Senor Bearstone!
[21:58] <Atraya> »»»( lmao )«««
[21:58] * Skydancer_ ears perk up it seems like her quesstions about the black bird are about to be answered. she sniffs again, corvid tghough which of various types..
[21:59] * Nishanti would not have anything to add and would turn as she caught blood scent from the dead raven. she would pad a bit closer wondering what was going to happen
[21:59] * Ayaka nodded and stepped forward alongside Kova, first picking up the pendant in her maw to present to the alpha’s. “Just as Kova has said,” she echoed, then added, “and today I found this near the bird, it seems to have fallen from the other feathers, and is different from the rest.” Laying it ag the alpha’s feet she stepped back to see what they would say.
[22:01] * Faolan would be prepared to finally be done with this meeting before hearing Kova’s report. The embers of his hues were alight with curiosity and he would move to take a closer look. It appeared no different in stature than other ravens of the region, but the feather that was placed before them was unlike any he had seen. It’s barbs were fused, making it take an altogether fabricated appeal. He cut sniffed at the feather and took in much the same scents that the carcass had carried with it.  It is the first of the eight, The Messenger of the Morrigan. You have done your kin a great service.
[22:01] * Shukie ‘s gaze was riveted Kova and Ayaka and the black bird at her paws her features once again serious as her nostrils flaired to sniff it recognizing the blood scent of earlier. “It came here to the clearing?” glancing between Faolan and Atraya before returning her gaze to the hunters. “Was it alone or others with it?” her mind filled with questions but held most back allowing for the Alphas to handle it.
[22:02] * Skydancer_ ears perk forward at ayaka’ s words and gets up trying to get a little closer assuming the alpha’ s permit iit.
[22:04] * Kova she hadn’t been afforded the time to see the trinket that she had and when Ayaka offered explination for it’s being she would fnd the bird all the more curious now. Should they have killed it? Would there be anything to be gained from it should it still be alive? Or perhaps this was one of those challenges. She remained silent for the offered words of both Faolan and Atraya. When her alpha »»[22:04] <Kova> »» would speak to their duty fulfilled unknowingly she looked promptly to Ayaka, almost in disbelief, but returned her hues back to the dead creature and now to the trinket which revealed it’s meaning. Promptly standing she would now hold a more formal posture. There was a great welling in her chest of pride now as the burning sensation of pain to her shoulder held an even greater meaning and purpose. She dipped her head slowly in a ‘bow’ of sorts “Kill or be killed.” simply and matter of factly she repeated. She knew the meaning and weight of her words and to now the seriousness of their task and what it meant now.
[22:05] * Atraya she took a step forward as well to eye the creature and then to the trinket that lay just beside it. Her hues would grow wider as well with a burning question until Faolan would reveal what it’s intentions where. What this trinket would mean. It was the first ember of many to be sparked before the final flame. Their quest and journey has truly begun. There would be no stopping now. The first to be collected.
[22:06] * Ayaka shifted her gaze between the delta and the alphas. “Yes, it flew with the fog in its wake, completely covering our clearing for the duration of our fight, and attacked us first. It’s cry was like many ravens, yet there was only one.” She too would feel a sense of pride at Faolan’s words, and hoped she could continue to aid her pack in holding death at bay. She was not one to cower from such a task.
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[22:11] * Shukie ‘s thoughts turned in a different direction then waited until there was a break in the telling of what occurred and would suggest finding prey for they’d need their strength in the battles to come. Being weak from hunger would not serve them well. “May I suggest finding some large prey to sustain us in the fights to come?” looking to each.
[22:12] * Kova her head would rise and shew ould nod to her sister and Delta in agreement “Aye, I am in agreement to this. I’ve been scouting the prey and there’s a sizable herd of Elk and Bison to the far east near the smaller hunting grounds.”
[22:12] * Nishanti looked to shukie “that sounds good. im up for a hunt” she said wagging her tail. she felt she could take on anything
[22:13] * Kwa`ani would of course test out the new name, “Senor Bearstone! I likes!” Shoulder bumping Fianna and Rook. At hte mention of a hunt she bounded towards the elders, “We hunt now?!?” her tail waving excitedly
[22:14] * Faolan would continue to listen to those speaking around him as he observed this odd feather. It was of great importance that they keep this trophy safe, but the world was stacked against them. Not only did they need to hunt the beasts, but to satiate hunger they needed to kill for themselves.  …a wise course. We will need to take advantage of the herds moving down into the valley. It is the time of the wolf.
[22:16] * Atraya would as well give a firm nod of agreement to the statements of a hunt “Scout and mark prey Ayaka and Kova. The fait of the pack’s strength now lay within your prowess and skill.” she dipped her head to the pair of hunters. “When marked call for a hunt and we will answer.”
[22:19] * Skydancer_ nudges the dead raven abit as trying to tewase more information from it.. at the mention of a hunt she looks  up her ears pricking up for a mometn then paws at the critter  the feather dark enough  so she can’ t easily find it though  she is curious about that as well
[22:19] * Ayaka dipped her head to Atraya, having remained silent for a time. Looking to Kova she added “I too have been scouting and watching herds. A few weeks back I tracked a group of caribou to the far northeast, where they seemed to find grazing for a while. It may be they have moved on however, as I have not seen them for about a week now.”
[22:19] <Faolan>  RꙭK  like the sound of Senor Bearstone too. Vibrant and lively music filled his head all to the cadence of flowery sounding tubas. That all went out the next ear when he heard talk of a hunt.  Yeah! We be ready to help!
22:21] * Fianna liked the sound of the new alliance too! She pranced about, feeling proud of her new title, then blinked mention of a hunt, and nodded her agreement vigorously.
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[22:23] * Shukie nodded to the others and Atraya{brb}’s instructions and added, “Perhaps take one or more of the yearlings so they learn some of the hunting skills needed in finding prey for the pack?” smiling to the youths. Besides, an extra set of eyes or two or four wouldn’t hurt with the beasts that could be anywhere. The more the safer for all was what ran through her mind
[22:28] * Ayaka nodded to Shukie’s words. “Good idea. I’d love to have them come along.” She glanced to all three pups as if evaluating their readiness. “They have all gotten better at tracking and hunting already. I’m sure they will learn quickly.” She smiled, then looked to Kova to see when the fae wished to head out.
[22:30] * Faolan would offer a light smile in his eyes and tones  That is the lead hunter’s perrogative. To train and insure that the hunt is continued through the ages.  He was glad for the reaction towards the hunt. No wolf should ever shy away from such a thing.
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[22:42] * Kwa`ani moved over to her father’s side brushing her shoulder to his, now nearly as tall as he. “Was that bird one of the pieces of 8 we need to keels?”
[22:43] * Fianna perked to Kwa’ani’s question, curious too and padded closer to hear better. She settled beside him, cocking her head. “Have you met the crone that Rook spoke of?”
[22:44] <Faolan>  RꙭK  watched Kwanzanini try and get some time in with pops and turned to Fianna  Where you been
[22:46] * Shukie looked to the others, “Should we have others doing more patrols of the interior and perimeter?” She didn’t want to get caught by surprise when one or more of the beasts made their presense known. SHe worried over all the pack which had her adding a reminder “No heros taking on a beast by themselves. Find help” her eyes gazing to one and all in the clearing.
[22:48] * Faolan would brush his nose against the crown of Kwa`ani’s head before withdrawing enough to speak  More than likely. It smells of the north and carries with it a sickly sweet scent I haven’t smelled since my youth… The memory would have captured him had it not been Fianna’s question. He would offer a smile in his tones, a reassuring gesture at the least  I have only met the crone in story.  The life of an alpha…an answer machine, but not those annoying ones that take messages.  Patrols should be up and going two at a time if we can spare.
[22:50] * Ayaka looked to Shukie, then around to the rest of the pack, thinking on who might be reliable for such a task, glancing to the alpha’s words. “Do you have anyone in mind Shukie? Or any that offer?”
[22:51] * Atraya her gaze fell to the hunters and Shukie before she would look then to her mate and nose him lightly. There was much to think and talk on but for now she would remain silent as she allowed the trio to speak of the hunt. She herself would relish in the thought and welcomed it. She hadn’t been hunting with a larger group in sometime. Especially not along with her mate and yearlings.
[22:52] * Kova would nod her head in agreement to Shukie’s words and smile to the yearlings “They will learn indeed. I look forward to offering what I know as well to their knowledge tree.”
[22:55] * Kwa`ani would all but murr at the brush of her father’s muzzle. When the talk went back to the hunt she was all ears again. Looking to Ayaka, “We have Kuroi and Noxion, guardians and Skydancer our lead scout. Perhaps a pledge or new/returning wolf with each one as much as possible?” pausing, “We’ll want to be wary of any newly arriving wolves as well.” for a beast could come in surprise shape of one.
[22:55] <Kwa`ani> ((Ack! Mixed thoughts and put all under kwa.. *whines*))
[22:55] <Ayaka> (Yeah that confused me xD)
[22:56] * Shukie looked to Ayaka at her question, ” Looking to Ayaka, “We have Kuroi and Noxion, guardians and Skydancer our lead scout. Perhaps a pledge or new/returning wolf with each one as much as possible?” pausing, “We’ll want to be wary of any newly arriving wolves as well.” for a beast could come in surprise shape of one was her thought.
[22:57] <Nishanti> (dont be pulling a larka now and posting wrong chars lol
[22:57] <Skydancer_> (lol)
[23:06] * Ayaka nodded in thought, agreeing with Shukie’s assessment. “I would be happy to take on patrols as well, to add my own frame to the count. We must indeed be vigilant.” She glanced over the wolfs present that Shukie had mentioned, then back to Kova. “I would be willing to get started on our tracking soon, so that we can have a hunt as quickly as possible, before we are hit by another beast. It would be good to be well fed by then, to have our energies and moral up.”
[23:09] * Fianna nodded somberly to papa, listening to his words, and feeling reassured by his presence more than anything else. Then she moved to bump shoulders with Rook and shrugged in response ro his question. “Here and there, Rook in a Nook. I find good branches to chew on, and rodents to munch, and rocks to climb. Where YOU been?”
[23:10] <Faolan>  RꙭK  Oooooo yeah….It was that season and he’d just ahve to catch up on all the Rookness in the nookness he could.  With papa, finding stones and talking to old wolves. They went to the north without Kwanzanini and I though.  He sounded slightly dejected at the last.
23:12] * Fianna considered a bit more. “I also listen to the wind, and chase it, and watch the stars at night and wonder how mama could be starfall, and how it would be like to live up there in the sky.” She said in a ponderous tone. Then focused on Rooks words. “Talking to old wolves? You mean papa? What stones. There is lots of stones in the stream, what’s wrong with those ones?”
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[23:15] * Kova she would nose Ayaka and then Shukie lightly before reclining back on her haunches. She was still aware that they had already helped the pack by killing one of the 8 beasts. What others would lay in wait for them? Would the fog clear or come again? A low breath escaped her before she would roll her shoulder just slightly to ease the throb.
[23:16] * Ayaka leaned over as she noticed Kova’s shifting her shoulder and bent her head to look at it more closely. If allowed she would groom the area carefully and clean the wound as well as could be, hoping it wouldn’t pain her long.
[23:20] * Atraya she would raise slowly to her paws before she brushed her nose along Faolan’s scruff, nipping lightly at his cheek fur and giving it a slight tug before letting go. Her gaze then drew upwards to the sky and to what lay therein. The promise of snow was soon upon them as the days where chilly and cold. This might help or hinder their experience with the beasts. A long drawn out thoughtful was made from half parted muzzle.
[23:22] * Kova didn’t seem to mind the close proximity Ayaka had to her or Shukie either. Her shoulder would still hold a good amount of dried blood. She was to cold in the day to wash it proper. The wound, however, seemed to be healing as best as a shoulder wound could. It hadn’t close entirely yet but it wasn’t bleeding actively now either. She would be resting beside them both .
[23:47] <`Fenrir>  A wolverine bursts into the clearing from the eastern treeline. It searches for leftover meat either drawn into the clearing or an easy meal in wolven form




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